Hall of Fame

Nominations for the next class of the Lynn English Hall of Fame are due by May 31, 2017. Former students, or others who have significantly contributed to Lynn English High School, the City of Lynn or society are qualified to be nominated. Those nominating should provide a brief biography of the nominee and include the achievements and contributions that qualify the candidate for inclusion. Any other supporting material, such as photographs or news clippings, can be included. Applications should be sent to:


Principal Thomas Strangie

Lynn English High School

50 Goodridge Street

Lynn, MA 01902


The date of the next induction ceremony is TBD.


1996 Inductees

Roger Alley, Class of 1954                             

Harry Arlanson, Class of 1927             

David Barry, Class of 1932                             

Raymond Bessom, Class of 1938                   

Earl Bohannon, Class of 1951                         

Dr. Arthur Boland, Class of 1953                  

George Bontaites, Class of 1938                    

Paul Cavanagh, Class of 1965                        

George Chipouras, Class of 1931                   

George Cosgrove, Class of 1927                    

Rosemary Cole Costin, Class of 1945            

Bernie Friberg

Tony Geniawicz, Class 0f 1931                      

Jasper Grassa

Irving Hadley, Class of 1923                          

Jim Hegan, Class of 1938                              

Herman Hussey, Class of 1932                         

Arthur J. Jannell, Class of 1931                      

Vincent Jarvis, Class of 1930                          

Ted Laubner, Class of 1937                            

Dr. James Leonard, Class of 1953  

Atty. John P. McGloin, Class of 1953

William McGovern, Class of 1928

Mayor Patrick McManus, Class of 1972

Carl Palombo, Class of 1929

Reginald Pinch, Class of 1932

William Sheehan, Class of 1946

Alvin Tagney, Class of 1948

Robert Tateosian, Class of 1961

Lou Tsiropoulos, Class of 1949

Maurice Twomey, Class of 1914

Jack Valeri, Class of 1944

Dorothea Wein, Class of 1927

Robert A. Whelan, Class of 1945

Thomas J. Whelan Sr., Class of 1913

Thomas J. Whelan, Jr. M.D., Class of 1937

William J. Whelan, Class of 1948

1999 Inductees

George Callas, Class of 1938

John Curry, Class of 1951

Harold “Ben” Foote

William Hall

Brian Hubbard, Class of 1964

Paul Ierardi, Class of 1935

Lorne Johnson, Class of 1957

Paul Lamanna, Class of 1949

Michael Marks, Class of 1966

John Marr, Class of 1949

Thomas McGee, Class of 1946                      

Sam Mitchell, Class of 1936

Angelo Nicketakis, Class of 1939

George Nicketakis, Class of 1933

Robert O’Brien, Class of 1955

Dante Palombo

Robert Phelan, Class of 1950

Anthony Quintiliani, Class of 1941

Honorable G. Joseph Tauro, Class of 1923

Robert Thomson, Class of 1946

Ed Toner, Class of 1961

Donald C. Witham, Class of 1961

1930 LEHS Football Team

2003 Inductees

Oscar P. Arslanian, Class of 1957

Robert A. Barrasso, Class of 1953

Walter J. Boverini

Herbert C. Brenner, Class of 1935

David, Dean, Dexter, Donald & Dwight Brothers

Arthur Fiste, Class of 1955

Dr. S. Philip Gandolfo, Class of 1934

Hockey Team 1955-56 & Hockey Team 1956-57, Coach Harold “Ben” Foote

Dr. Albert S. Levy

Richard J. Lynch, Class of 1945

Marilyn J. Needham, Class of 1963

Arthur J. Nelson, Class of 1951

2005 Inductees

Jack Abare, Class of 1953

Donald Baker, Class of 1958

Buzzy Barton, Class of 1972

Harold Bogart, Class of 1940

Robert O. Caulfield, Class of 1950

Peter Donnelly, Class of 1956

Jay Gaudet, Class of 1957

Donald Hunt, Class of 1952

Mary Ishkanian, Class of 1946

Nicholas Kostan, Class of 1966

2007 Inductees

Patricia Barton, Class of 1968

Albert S. Conlon, Class of 1965

RoAnn (Costin) Bailey, Class of 1970

Maura (Costin) Scalise, Class of 1976

Philip Joseph Emmerman, Class of 1953

William Hyde, Class of 1954

Thomas Keaney, Class of 1924

Raymond McMahon, Class of 1956

William (Bruce) Stevens, Class of 1953

Carlton Varney, Class of 1954

2009 Inductees

George Avadanian, Class of 1941

Donna Hegan (Class of 1968)   

Robert Jachowicz, Class of 1946

LeAnne Kreamer, Class of 1981

Brenda Martin, Class of 1974

Thomas McGovern, Class of 1930

Al Melanson, Class of 1963

John Olson, Class of 1979

Anita Rassias, Class of 1965

Grace Richardson, Class of 1956

Lisa Ryan, Class of 1979

Vin Spirito, Class of 1961

James Toomey, Class of 1975

2011 Inductees

David Armstrong Class of 1957 

Claire Cavanagh Class of 1969

Dom Civiello Class of 1939

John Donovan Class of 1959

David Hughes Class of 1967

Charlie Long Class of 1956

Dr. Jill (Lamanna) Maron Class of 1991

Robin McAvenia Kramer Class of 1980

Larry Pleau

Bradford Tilley Class of 1967

2013 Inductees

Ronald Bennett Class of 1956

Conlon Family (Bart, Diane, Michael ’92, Michelle ’90, Melissa 87, Marianne)

Dr. Miriam Morse Class of 1935

Richard Newton Class of 1978

John Timothy Phelan Class of 1980

Carol Ruggiero Class of 1959

Francie Sudak Class of 1966

Michael Sullivan Class of 1977

Edward Turmenne Class of 1959

Donald Twomey

Dr. Joseph Wescott Class of 1978

2015 Inductees

1980 Baseball Team

Thomas Connelly

Fred Doyle

Melanie Fleming

Laurence Lowe

Richard Malagrifa

Enrico Mongiello

Richard Murphy

Robert Powers

Arnold Salvucci

Harold Samuelson

Michael Toomey